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Friday, June 6, 2014

What Happens Under the Covers in Lesbian Pulp Fiction

1959 Lesbian Pulpfiction by Valerie Taylor
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Best friends Annice, Barby and Pat leave behind Small Town, USA to live in the Windy City of Chicago in this lesbian pulp novel, "The Girls in 3B".

Surprisingly modern for its genre, Valerie Taylor's much-loved coming of age story deals with sexual identity, infidelity, drug experimentation, the glass ceiling and double standards. A friend of mine said the best word to describe the book was "desire".

Author Valerie Taylor was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 1992 for her work as a LGBT and social activist.

Valerie Taylor

Taylor explains "I began writing gay novels around 1957. There was suddenly a plethora of them on sale in drugstores and bookstores... many written by men who had never knowingly spoken to a lesbian. Wish fulfillment stuff, pure erotic daydreaming. I wanted to make some money, of course, but I also thought that we should have some stories about real people."

Other Cover Art by Meese

The delicious cover art for "The Girls in 3B" was painted by James Meese showing his trademark subtlety and transparency in skin tones. He also created a lot of covers for Mickey Spillane and Agatha Christie books.

Notice in the first draft of "The Girls in 3B" there are four women compared to three in the final cover art. Probably typical of the times (and even today) blonde haired Pat seems awfully thin for someone described as big boned in the novel. Nevertheless Meese created one of the most alluring lesbian pulp covers.

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Valerie Taylor 1913-1997

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