lesbian pulp and the lavender universe: April 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Good Day for Lesbian & Gay Pulp!

I'm slowly getting together my vintage pulp books for the upcoming Rainbow Book Fair. I have so many to choose from in my collection but there are only so many I can cart. This year I'm bringing a collection of Male Pulps too! Including "The Gay Year" and "Sky Eyes" which is about a Native American Indian and a young man from Louisiana who fall in love.

I also have a copy of Midnight Cowboy that came with a small collection of Gay Pulp books I got at auction. Did you know it was written in 1965? I had no idea it was that long ago. I also never saw the movie because I thought it was a western not a movie about a male prostitute with suppressed homosexual feelings!

There will be lots of 'new' old Lesbian Pulp Fiction books this year. Classics like Ann Bannon's 1969 'I am a Woman in Love with a Woman' and Tereska Torres' 'Women's Barracks'. One of my favorites is "Lesbian Gang' with its trashy (tacky?) cover but pretty good well-written story about a lesbian gang called 'Leskits' (lesbian kittens..hey, what can I say?).

So if you are in NYC please come over to the 7th Annual Rainbow Book Fair and visit 'LavenderPulp'. The Book Fair will have readings, panels and loads of booksellers and exhibitors (most of whom have little candies or chocolates at their tables to keep you going!).

Vintage Pulp Books at www.lavenderpulp.com