lesbian pulp and the lavender universe: April 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun at the Rainbow Book Fair

The 5th Annual Rainbow Book Fair was held at the Holiday Inn on West 57th Street NYC this April 12, 2013. The Rainbow Bookfair is the longest LGBT Book Fair in the United States. There were publishers, poets, individual writers, self-publishers and of course LavenderPulp. 

Over the course of the day there were many readings and appearances by notable authors such as Artemis Smith, lesbian pulp author of 'The Third Sex' and 'Odd Girl'. I spoke with Artemis about another book she wrote, 'This Bed We Made' about a french lesbian who seduces a married woman but ultimately helps the woman stay with her husband. 

Artemis said she got a lot of flack from the lgbt community because the female lovers did not stay together; but Artemis felt that since these 1950s pulp novels were some of the first contact many straight people had with the gay world, the book helped them to not see us as villains. Apparently the french lesbian was based on Artemis herself.
Artemis Smith (on right) author of 'This Bed We Made'
It was fun to talk with all the great lesbians (and several men) who were really excited about the authentic vintage lesbian pulp novels on display at LavenderPulp's table. It was a thrill for one student to see them; she said they learn about lesbian pulp in women's studies but don't actually get to see original copies.
Sam talking about lesbian pulpfiction artwork

Jake at the LavenderPulp table,
early in the day before we needed our coffee!

Another author I spoke with was Kanithea Powell about her exciting new coffee table book 'Butch', something I'd say has been missing at from the bookstore shelves. 

Last year's Fair was held at the Lesbian and Gay Center on 13th Street. Next year's location to be determined. The exhibitors were approximately 70% male, 30% female, hopefully that will keep on changing.

Last of all, I must mention one of my favorite parts: many exhibitors had bowls of candy and chocolate kisses at their tables! And LavenderPulp gave out great pulp bookmarks.

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