lesbian pulp and the lavender universe: June 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Summer Lesbian Reads...Sexy Lesbian Pulp Fiction

Enjoy one of these 1950s pulps  relaxing at the beach, lounging on vacation, or sitting at your office desk when no one's looking!  These classic lesbian pulps are back in print. You can also treat yourself to a vintage original from www.lavenderpulp.com

Whisper Their Love by Valerie Taylor
Joyce, a freshman at a fashionable school for girls meets Edith, the dean of the college, and falls head over heels in love. 
Reprint available from Little Sister's Classics or on Kindle.
Original vintage 1950s paperback sold at www.lavenderpulp.com

Beebo Breeker by Ann Bannon
Beebo Brinker, a young, handsome butch arrives in New York. This 17 year old farm girl, scared and innocent, soon has the femmes of Greenwich Village in the palm of her hand. 
Available from Cleis Press or Naiad Press reprints and Kindle.

Spring Fire by Vin Packer
Shy, awkward Susan Mitchell—"Mitch" to her friends—trembles as the camps beauty queen Leda Taylor, crosses the room toward her for a dance. Who catches whom in this saga is to be determined.
Original vintage 1950s paperback sold at www.lavenderpulp.com
Reprint available from Cleis Press or on Kindle.

World of Women by Carol Caine
Kat was queen of a strange jungle of flesh where only women were allowed and she had all the playmates she could handle.
Reprint available from Cleis Press.

The Girls in 3B by Valerie Taylor
Annice, Pat, and Barby, best friends from Iowa, arrive in booming 1950s Chicago.  Bohemian lifestyles, drug hallucinations, romance and secret lesbian trysts.
Original vintage 1960s paperback sold at www.lavenderpulp.com
Reprint available from The Feminist Press or on Kindle.

Odd Girl Out by Ann Bannon
A quick and easy read, Bannon's classic romance focuses on Laura, who meets the alluring Beth, who helps her get into a sorority. Laura is drawn to Beth and slowly falls in love with her. 
Reprint available from Cleis Press or on Kindle.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Olivia...a love that dared not tell its name

Do you remember a time when it seemed like every waking moment was consumed with thoughts of one person? Olivia lays in bed in her Parisian finishing school, listening intently into the wee hours of the night for the steps of Mademoiselle Julie, hoping she will stop outside her doorway. 

Olivia, a teenager finding love. Beginning adulthood, making her way through the complicated course of love. Trying to understand what her desires toward her teacher and mentor means.

"I remember that I felt as if my whole frame had been turned to water…she was coming-tonight-in a few hours---A paean sang in my heart. Had I been weak before? Now, exhilaration flowed through my veins. Why? Why? I didn't stop to think why. I only knew that there, in the immediate future, soon, soon, something was coming to me, some wild delight, some fierce anguish that my whole being called for."

Available at www.lavenderpulp.com

The sons and daughters of Sir Richard Strachey and Lady Strachey. 
Dorothy is the second from the left.

Olivia was written in 1949 by 'Olivia', the pseudonym of Dorothy Strachey. Dorothy was educated at the Marie Souvestre (1830–1905) girls' school at Les Ruches, Fontainebleau, France. She was later a teacher with Souvestre, and one of her pupils was Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1951, the novel was filmed as Olivia, with the lesbian elements toned down, in France by Jacqueline Audry.

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