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Monday, February 24, 2014

Interracial Love in Vintage Lesbian Pulp Fiction

How Dark My Love by Rea Michaels

Rea Michaels was one of the few 1950s lesbian pulp fiction authors who wrote about interracial relationships and racial issues. In "How Dark My Love", Elena, a gifted jazz and blues singer is struggling to make it in NYC when a southern white woman named Prim books her for a small Greenwich Village nightclub.

They fall in love and begin an affair. It's fun in this lesbian pulp fiction book dated expressions such as the lovers' "triangle patches." 

"How Dark My Love" also addresses tough topics. Prim's inability to understand that Elena wants to boycott a racist business she was booked to perform at is one of the reasons that the two women begin to grow apart.

Lesbian pulp fiction book
"Duet in Darkness" by Rea Michaels
Their flaming desire 
could only be satisfied 
by breaking every rule 
and ignoring every taboo

This must be 'Lon' with her first crush before 
she falls for Mavis, the beautiful black pianist.

In "Twilight Girl" by Della Martin, young Lorraine 'Lon' Harris dreams of a South Pacific island full of women, where everyone will be free and accepting, and she'll never have to 'dress like a lady' again. When she befriends Violet, a car hop at a local drive-in restaurant, Lon is introduced to the lesbian underworld of suburban Los Angeles.

At the butch-femme 28 Percent Club, Lon's eyes fall upon the beautiful femme Mavis, a black Jazz pianist. Lon discovers herself as her interest in the desirable Mavis grows (and is returned!) and she must contend with Mavis' wealthy butch lover.

February is Black History Month.

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