lesbian pulp and the lavender universe: Who are the Pulp Fiction Artists behind the canvases of Lesbian Pulp Fiction Cover Art?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Who are the Pulp Fiction Artists behind the canvases of Lesbian Pulp Fiction Cover Art?

Art by Rafael DeSoto

Pulpfiction illustrators of the 1950s pushed out book covers as fast as they could to keep up with the high demand for the new cheap pocket paperbacks that were selling in the millions.

Most of the pulp painters did pulp art just to pay the bills however a few enjoyed it as their main genre. Some of the best pulp artists worked on prestigious projects such as posters for 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and the James Bond Films.
Rafael M. DeSoto (1904-1992) had one of the longest and popular careers in Pulp Fiction Art illustrating covers for The Shadow, Black Mask, Captain Zero and most notably "The Spider". He was the most prolific artist of the 1930s-40s pulps and continued illustrating throughout the golden Era of Lesbian Pulp. Born in Puerto Rico, a descendent of the famous conquistador Hernando de Soto, Jamie McDonald's documentary "Pulp Fiction Art" explores DeSoto's work.

Art by Rafael DeSoto

Art by James Meese

James Meese is best known for his pulp paperback covers and painterly approach especially in the subtleties of skin and facial tones. During the 1950s he created many covers for the Mickey Spillane and Agatha Christie books.  Without 'showing much skin', Meese created one of the most alluring lesbian pulp covers, Valerie Taylor's 'The Girls in 3B'.

Art by James Meese
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Art by James Meese

The lesbian iconic image of 'I prefer Girls' was created by Robert Maguire who specialized in crime noir paperbacks and was known for his magnificent depictions of the 'femme fatale'. He had a knack for capturing a subject's emotions through a certain look in her eyes or a subtle expression on her face.

Using rich colors with stark contrasts and shadows he created over 700 dramatic cover illustrations in the paperback world since 1950. 'Dames, Dolls, and Gun Molls' by Jim Silke is a book on the artwork of Mr. Maguire (1921-2005).

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Art by Robert Maguire
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Robert McGinnis (Born 1926) a member of the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame created over 40 movie posters including Breakfast at Tiffanys, Barbarella starring Jane Fonda, and several James Bond films. McGinnis was an apprentice at Walt Disney studios.  He went on to be awarded "Romantic Artist of the Year" by Romantic Times magazine for his artwork on over 1200 romance pulp paperbacks. He is the subject of a documentary film, 'Robert McGinnis: Painting the Last Rose of Summer' by Paul Jilbert.
Poster Art by Robert McGinnis
Art by Robert McGinnis
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Poster Art by Robert McGinnis

Poster Art by Robert McGinnis

Good Girl Art
All of the above lesbian pulp fiction cover art are excellent examples of what is called in the business as Good Girl Art. GGA isn't about a 'good girl' but rather 'girl art' that is good.

Appointment in Paris by Fay Adams
Artist unknown
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