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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Twilight World of Lesbian Pulp Fiction

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Edge of Twilight
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During the 1950s code words for 'lesbian' developed for lesbian pulpfiction books. One of the most popular words was twilight. Twilight, the period of the evening between daylight and darkness, a state of obscurity or ambiguity. I guess like another popular expression of the time 'third' (the third sex), it indicated something 'other' or 'in-between'. Not male or female but perhaps a third gender or a different sexuality. I'm not sure how they came up with this but everyone who wanted to know got the message.

As a side note, some Native American tribes were known to have third and fourth genders (male, female, male body/female soul, or female body/male soul). Though the sex of the baby could be determined at birth, the gender would be determined later on.

The Golden Era of Lesbian Pulp included titles such as "The Edge of Twilight" and "Twilight Women" or phrases such as "The World of Twilight Love" and "Of the love that dwells in twilight".

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